Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're cooking up some yarn and patterns

We're cooking up a storm, or at least some yarn and patterns.  To become yarn, fibers are cleaned, carded, dried and spun.  Because this yarn uses more than one fiber, the yarn is plied, then plied again

Then it has to be wound into skeins from the factory-size cones.  Those are tied and twisted - all by hand (unless Gary finished his hank-making machine).   Labels are applied.

Then we have to sell it.  We'll be showing the yarn and taking orders at TNNA (needlearts trade show) in a couple of weeks.  We're going to wear the aprons, because we're still cooking.

Patterns have to be completed after the knitters are all done with their knitting.  Jill and Kristen get them into format, *draft, edit; rep from *,  finalize, then the tech editor, then more editing and formatting.  Charts and schematics have been created.  Pictures need to be taken.  More formatting and editing.  Make PDFs for download.  Print some copies.  And so it goes.  This takes months.

Oh yeah, we have to sell all of this.  Emails, ads, Ravelry, Facebook, Tweets, blog posts, more emails, paper to hand out at TNNA, signs for the booth, aprons, ads, talk it up, dream about it, and so on.    We think you'll like it.  Off to knit.  I still have a pattern to finish and the sample to knit.  Knit like the wind, like a tornado.

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