Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hop on this Train

While Jill is busy writing patterns and Karen and Valerie are spinning yarn and yarns, I've been spending lots of time with this picture, which Jill used as the beginning of the storyboard for the designs.  I've been busy working on marketing materials:  yarn label, ad copy, TNNA handouts, etc.  I love the picture: the angles, the color, the promise.

Most of us have some connection to railroad tracks.  I remember walking the tracks as a child.  Now I live near the "hub" city, an old railroad town.  I have a grandson that loves trains, so our outings involve visiting the train museum. 

Pictures of tracks, like in this picture, make a wonderful metaphor for our life stages.  There's the proverbial light at the end, though in this case I think that's a jackalope running down the tracks off into the distance, his future full of surprise. 

Artistically, the horizontal and vertical lines can be interpreted in so many ways.  The weft and warp of life.  A knitting design (bit hint right there).  I love that there's a sense of going somewhere, even though it's not clear.  I feel like that many days!

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