Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post TNNA Update

We've been back over a week, but due to other travel and things to take care of (because nothing gets done when we're getting ready for TNNA), we haven't checked in with each other or gotten a blog post up.  I tried posting at TNNA from my iPad, but wasn't successful. 

Whenever someone touched Powder River they got that look on their face:  ooohh, aaaah. this is nice. The designs were well received as well--everyone agreed they are fabulous and there's something for everyone in the collection.  More on these very soon once Jill is back from vacation.

What everyone really liked was our aprons.  Joel from Lantern Moon wanted one and Jill traded him one for something from his product line.  While they hardly were a fashion statement, they were great to wear as they had pockets in the front - great place to keep a pen, business card, etc.  We just need to design one that is a bit more flattering!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creative Endeavors

I learn a lot with every new creative endeavor I undertake. The thing that has been brought home to me the most during this process is how interior my design process is.

I would have thought that I would have had a lot to say about designing. I love to design, I love talking about what I do, and people are, seemingly, interested. So why can't I find anything to say?

Since I can't think of anything to say, I've been thinking about that and I've decided that my design process is so interior that it isn't something I talk about while it is actively going on. After it is mostly complete I can think of lots of things to say, but without someone actually drawing answers out of me, a lot of what is going on with the process doesn't feel like it is ready for prime-time yet.

So now we know why I am better at design than at marketing! Off to TNNA tomorrow. After that I should have things to say.