Friday, May 6, 2011

Frame of Reference

Although I am on the phone with Susan and Karen and Valerie every week, and we always check in on the weather in our various locations, I have to admit that I live in a climate that doesn't require a lot of thought to actually staying warm. San Francisco is mild, and we don't have huge temperature fluctuations for the most part. Once you figure out the quirks of the weather (it is always windy between 4 and 8 p.m. and it is possible to round a corner and be in a different microclimate--literally around a corner) it is pretty easy. I don't have to change what's in my closet much over the year--I do layers and might go from a wool tank to a cotton tank.

Yesterday I came up to Seattle for a couple of days. It was 70 degrees when I left the house in SF and the anticipated high in Seattle was 54 and rain showers. So I was a bit warmly dressed in a wool tank and wool jacket as I headed to BART and the airport. I arrived in Seattle perfectly dressed to catch the light rail from the airport downtown. By the time I got downtown it was raining so I pulled my coat out of my suitcase before I left the station and walked the three blocks to our hotel.

Today I'm wearing a sweater that I rarely wear at home, but it is perfect here. I sat down to work on Powder River patterns and while I thought I had done a good job creating a variety of styles to suit different needs, being out of my usual environment, it feels even more so. I'm also really pleased with how the design details are coming together and starting to feel excited to see how the whole thing looks together.

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