Thursday, July 7, 2011

What to Knit?

All the Powder River designs are fabulous.  I like to think, which do I most want to knit and wear?  I'm always drawn to quick projects, but I think I'm with popular opinion that the Agate Vest is fantastic.  It seems like it could be worn for casual, office, even dressy with the right accessories.  It's flattering, functional and comfy.  What more can we ask? Oh yeah, a great knitting project!

In all the designs, the detail of the stitch pattern is intriguing, but it's the way Jill placed the patterning in the design that truly makes it wonderful: vertical lines to flatter as well as smaller bits at the lower back, neckline, shoulder.  It draws the eye and engages the brain.   To the knitter, it suggests that careful thought went into this design, that it's more than just the stitch pattern.  It certainly has caught my attention and caused me to think about how stitch patterning can be used in a subtle way.

Hmmm, great metaphor there.  I can always get the obvious, even quicker than most.  I'm much slower (like a slug) on getting the nuance and subtle hints.  Now there's some fodder for thought while knitting!

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