Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Finale

I realize that this is just the beginning for everyone else, but for me this is the end game. From here on it is all clean up. I have designed, knitted, written patterns, made changes, sewn on snaps, done drawings, etc. for the past six or seven months.

Powder River will release September 10 with a total of 12 different patterns: 5 garments, 2 home decor, and 5 accessories. Susan did the gloves and Beret and I've done everything else. Trust me, I've only knitted a couple of the one-skein projects! But I've knit a lot. My skeins have been knit multiple times as I worked out details, made gauge swatches, experimented, and finally made samples.

So from all-American fibers to a mill in Buffalo, Wyoming, to sample knitters around the US and in Ecuador, the Powder River Collection is getting ready for its debut. The pictures you see for the next couple of weeks are just snaps I took (hence not very good) because we still have to do a photo shoot. Enjoy. Whet your appetite. Get on track for this special, limited edition yarn.

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