Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Save the Easiest for Last

You would think that a scarf would be the easiest and quickest piece to design, right? In this case I must have discarded four or five ideas before this one started to grow.

I wanted something that would be easy (ish--you know I've always got to add something in!) but not boring. The thought of doing a plain old scarf just didn't seem right for this yarn. So I started knitting, without really knowing where I was going. I wanted to repeat the horizontal ribs, but that meant I needed to do some short rowing to get the narrower neck I like and the wider end I wanted. Then, I didn't like the flat end, so I had to figure out how to make the ends shaped. So this idea percolated for months and a lot of ripping was involved.

I finally got the scarf designed and knitted and then I had to figure out how to use my small mitered squares. I love things that have movement and I think these look like leaves. Mine are anchored onto the ribs, so they don't flop around.

One skein project. Of course the pattern will have specific directions, but once you get the rhythm of this, you'll find it fairly easy to see what to do. The mitered squares are great portable projects, or when you need a really quick something to knit. Again, instructions given, but once executed, easy to just whip them out.

This was the last piece I designed.
Stay tuned to find out how to get this pattern!

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