Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sustainability grant posted by Karen

Valerie and I found out several weeks ago that we had been selected as the recipient of a USDA-SBIR award. We worked hard on getting this grant written back in February and March and the news was exciting. This grant begins in September and is for a 24 month period. When the work is completed we will have a model "washing" system that can clean the wool, and most importantly pretreat the waste water. The hardest and dirtiest job we have is getting the wool clean, it uses alot of water and we all know our water is a precious resource. The system will be an environmentally friendly alternative and by-products such as wool grease and sludge will be pulled out and resold. The water will even pass through a water polishing greenhouse at the end. Mountain Meadow Wool is proud to claim environmental sustainability and useing reduce, reuse and recycle as part of our manufacturing process

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