Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Design Revelations, I

The photo was supposed to be clear. I remain challenged as a photographer!

This is one of our half size dress forms wearing her version of the Silica Bodice at TNNA. She got to sit out in the front in the What's New! section showing off her style and this luscious yarn. Anything this size is cute, but I think this design is really a great one.

It is is based on my mental image of a cotton lawn bodice in the Textile Museum display at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wyoming. I would wear this with a pair of slacks and a shawl or jacket for a dressy-casual look.

As you follow the revelation of the designs for Powder River, you will note the eyelet lace used in everything. Alpaca is a warm fiber, so it seemed practical to give a little ventilation to everything. I also like the concept of mixing neutrals (the yarn) with a feminine detailing (eyelet lace). It works to give the neutral extra snap, and makes the feminine detail a little less "girly".

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