Friday, August 19, 2011

Granite Cowl Puzzle

As I was mentally cataloging the Powder River Collection and what I'd put up here I realized I'd missed the Granite Cowl. It is such a beautiful piece that I couldn't imagine why I had forgotten it, but when I went to grab a photo to put here there wasn't one! When I finally found one it was misnamed--and there were only two photos. Sometimes the good stuff doesn't get its due.

If you have never done a moebius I really recommend it. First, you should check out Cat Bordhi's video, then enjoy a moebius project or two! All the lovely infinity knitting of a sock or glove, but no shaping. A Moebius is a bit of a brain teaser especially if you want to have pattern in your knitting. The cast on is actually the center of the piece and you work outward in both directions. But I've done all the figuring out for you, so all you have to do it do the cast on and follow the pattern.

Then when you finish and put it on it automatically has a nice twist in it. This cowl comes in two sizes so you can make a snuggly one or this one which has more drape to it.

I actually knit this project. It was totally enjoyable and went much quicker than I would have expected because of that great infinity knitting. The larger the piece gets, it takes a bit of shoving the stitches around the looped needles, but when you get to that point, you'll know you're near the end.

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