Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A cardigan and a Beret

The photo shoot occurred on a perfect summer day in San Francisco. If you think California is all sunny skies you will be very cool when you come to visit. August is usually foggy at least part of the time. We can tell tourists because they are always wearing new fleece or sweatshirt pullovers. This is a pretty clear afternoon.

But look how lovely Heidi looks hanging out on my deck! Don't those lovely lace panels just make your fingers itch to get knitting?

One of the big hits on this beautiful cardigan in Minneapolis? Snaps. No. Buttonholes. Big snaps have lots of holes though.

I love the pattern on the Shale Beret designed by Susan Wolcott. See the fog swirling in the trees out on the hill past my house? Lots of swirling going on. If you've never worked a hat from the inside out you will likely find this a real treat. Somehow it is more fun to knit, even though your stitch number is increasing. Nothing but knits and purls in an easy to see pattern so you don't have to be a slave to the pattern (although you know it is always all spelled or charted out for you).

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