Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home Decor!

Everyone seems to have a memory of an afghan knit by a grandma or aunt that was on their bed or on a sofa. These are great projects when you don't want to create a garment, but let's face it--they have a lot of stitches.

I have always liked the concept of doing afghans in pieces so that they stay relatively portable, and you can easily see your progress. This piece is comprised of two patterns: A counterpane pinwheel and a mitered square. Each square is approximately 16" square and can be made entirely independently of the other pieces. Everything is joined with a variation of the 3-ndl bind off either as-you-go or at the end, but you never have to be working anything larger than a 16" piece. The counterpane is worked from the inside out which is oddly addicting, while the mitered square is worked from the outside in! Let's just say that it is pretty easy to see where you're going with each of them.

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