Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Pattern Collection?

This photo has nothing to do with pattern collections. I did have a nice memory of the Basque dance performance put on for us at Mountain Meadow Wool though. My favorite memory was of the boys behind the scenes. They didn't know we could all see them, but there was an elbowing thing going on, which of course kept escalating, but when their turn to dance came, out they would come all innocence and concentration.

So what does a pattern collection entail? In the case of the Powder River Collection, it is designed to have something for all kinds of knitters. There are 5 garments, a pillow cover, a throw, a hat, gloves, scarves and cowls, and the previously mentioned ipad/iphone/itouch cover. Most of the accessories are single skein projects and the rest require appropriate quantities. All pieces are tied together by stitch patterns/stitch pattern variations.

Stay tuned for more. We can't reveal details for a while yet. If you are a shop, sign up now so you get early release info. If you are a knitter, same thing, you'll just get it after we release to shops.

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