Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it Real?

As we've been talking and planning this week we all started to feel like this is kind of real. It is odd to be working on something that you can't talk about and that no one else knows what it is. I am so familiar with this yarn because I knit on it all the time. As I work out designs, I've knit some of it so much that I had to block the kinks out of it to knit it again. In doing that, I came up with a cool technique for doing this. It goes very quickly for me because I have a vacuum table on my ironing board and can suck the steam out in seconds meaning I don't have to wait for the yarn to dry.

So this is what I did: Wrap the yarn around the ironing board, and around the wire tray that sits underneath making a hank-size loop. Once all wrapped I left the yarn around the wire tray to keep some tension on it, then *shot tons of steam into the part on top of the ironing board. Then I hit the vacuum pedal and removed the steam. Rep from *.

This yarn is up to being reknit--still looks great, still performs. Lots of reknitting as Ideas are explored.

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  1. That sounds like a great contraption! How much does one of those cost? I would think it would flatten the yarn a bit, leaving it a bit less 'sproingy' than it would have been before you knit it? Have you found that it alters your guage in the final garment at all?