Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Jill says:

My return was probably the least fraught as I was only going up the coast to SF while everyone else was either following or getting a head start on a big storm.

While at TNNA we always complain about the weather--it is too hot in Columbus and too cold in Long Beach and that was certainly true this time. Usually I try to wear spring/summer clothes because we are promoting that season, but this time I wore our new sweaters, which were warm enough to keep me comfortable--even inside the always freezing convention center (it doesn't matter where the convention center is, they are always cold).

This convention is always about other vendors and having time to connect with shops. We saw lots of old friends and generally took it a little easier than usual and Susan and I had a blast and even got a bit of sleep. It was fun to have people come up and try to get us to show them the new yarn. Trust me we wanted to! It is hard to keep such a great secret.

So we sold what we had to sell, and talked obliquely about our new products and how excited we are. Not surprisingly, everyone who heard about a new yarn was pretty intrigued.

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