Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sheep Wagon

Susan says:

Yeah, all the men were over at the Mountain Meadow Wool booth checking out the miniature sheep wagon. I joked that I wanted to work their booth. The sheep wagon is so interesting because there is a definite style and everything is designed to contain what a person needs. The rolling pen hangs here, the wash tub goes there. Storage is at a premium and very organized.

We talk about the sheep wagon, which was the home for a shepherd while taking care of the sheep in the mountains during the summer. During the winter they are on the ranch. Because the sheep are taken into remote areas for the warm months, someone goes with them. Now, much of that work is done by dogs, and men check in on the sheep regularly, but don't necessarily stay up in the mountains with them. All of this, to ensure that we knitters have the very best wool to knit with!

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