Monday, January 17, 2011

Back from TNNA

Whew! We are back from sunny California and arrived at the airport last week to 10 degrees below zero! Wyoming in January!! Thankfully the Big Chill broke for us this week and we now are actually having is always surprizing here.

It was a great show for us and even though we heard murmurs of dismay from others about the low numbers, we ended the show with many new friends and great contacts. Lots of interest in the "yarn is born"....everyone loves the anticipation of something new coming! What will it look like, feel like, knit like? When will we see it, what will the designs look like? Just like the knitter, we also are anxiously looking forward to the final finished package.....Isn't this FUN?!
I have to share one of our memorable stories from last week...after a wonderful meal Jill, Susan, Valerie and I were in need of a taxi. Suddenly a whistle to out shine all whistles rattles the evening air. It was Valerie and the cab driver was in awe, he was told she was from Wyoming "Ah," he says, "they are different there".

Just like our fun little sheep we are getting ready for production ( not lambs but yarn) so stay tuned...........

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