Saturday, September 17, 2011

Patterns Available!

For any of you waiting for the patterns, thanks for your patience.  I thought I had everything perfectly timed out so that all the patterns would be available on September 10, but I forgot one thing:  that I was working six or seven days a week to keep to my schedule.  When I had to quit doing that for my mental health, I was unable to continue on the pace I needed to hit the finish on time.  There were also things that I hadn't really accounted for--needing to get photo collages made, needing detail photos, needing to send things back to the tech editor, having a life, needing to work a retail show, having other work that needed attention.

Patterns that are completed and ready for download are:  Granite Cowl, Limestone Scarf, Mica Gloves, Shale Beret, Sandstone Throw.  The other two small projects, the Nickel & Gold Device Wallet and Sand Pillow, should be available Monday or Tuesday.  Printing is in process.

Garment patterns will be available in the next week to 10 days.  They are still in process or at the tech editor now.  I'm sure even if you are quite anxious for these you would rather that they be correct when they are released, and that process seems to take longer than I ever expect.

Again, your patience (and even more, your desire for the patterns!) is really appreciated.  I want the patterns to be as fabulous as they should be.

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