Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I search the web for photos that won't give anything away. These two fleece balls seemed like a nice representation of the natural colors of some of the sheep contributing wool this (ad)venture. See how similar the colors in this photo are to the new background image?

I've seen some things I'd just as soon not in my search. The lamb being born was a little more than I really needed a visual for. Then I found this one of Peter John, the dog and sheep--on Mountain Meadow Wool's website. Go here for a slideshow.

Then check back here because I think Valerie has a joke to share that will go with that picture.

And go here to see how a cowgirl in Wyoming dresses in winter. As a committed city person I find this all fascinating. I love that these people are as committed to their locale as I am to mine.

A wonderful commitment to doing this in the U.S. gives us access to fibers that support a local industry.


  1. Valerie is so funny!

    We will have a whole debate when the yarn actually makes an appearance as to what the subtle shading results are for everyone. We all have such different conceptions of color.

  2. Looking at the slideshow reminds me that I watched part of a documentary, Sweetgrass, this week. I didn't like seeing the lambs being born or the way they fling the lambs about, but it was very educational about sheep ranching. The setting is Montana, just north or where Peter John is.