Monday, March 28, 2011


In this case background has a couple of meanings.

The first is that this is the image that I use as a background for A Yarn is Born design concept stuff. This is all still only internal, so this is just the beginning.

Susan and I have a lot of mental images related to our concept of the Wild West, based almost entirely on Bonanza and similar cowboy stuff from our childhood. I don't recall either of us being interested in cowboys, but it was kind of pervasive stuff. I think mostly of saloon girls, shopkeepers' wives, the schoolmarm, the doctor's wife, the rich girls, the poor girls and of course, the working girls. What little history I can recall for that time period is based on Little House on the Prairie, not Cowboy Literature or History.

The other aspect of background is that we're starting to fill in the background on A Yarn is Born. I think I see it at the end of the tracks--or is that a cowboy?

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